Mining of List from Registry

Data of beneficieries are mined from the National Social Registry (NSR) of Poor and Vulnerable people

Disclosure of beneficiaries list

The list of poor and vulnerable households is disaggregated by community and disclosed the list at the community level.

Identification of caregivers

Members of selected Households agree on who is the caregiver and alternate without interference of NCTO, SCTU or CTFs.

Beneficiaries orientation

Beneficiaries are sensitized as to the purpose and objective of the cash transfer program and the role of each stakeholder in the project cycle.

Collection of Beneficiaries Data

Cash Transfer Facilitators (CTFs) collects caregivers and alternates data (names and NSR numbers) using a templated provided.

Establishment of Beneficiary Database

Beneficiaries data are entred into the system by State Offices and shares with NCTO for confirmation.

  • Implementing Base Cash Transfer (BCT)

    This has to do with basic support for the most vulnerable to help them smooth consumption with no condition beside been listed in the National Social Registry (NSR)

    With objectives of improving household consumption and protect assets of beneficiary, encouraging savings, reducing the vulnerability of poor household and building their resilience to shock

  • Implementing Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT)

    This incorporates transfers linked to the participation of the target household inactivities focused on human capital development and adherence to specific conditionalities known as coresponsibilities

    With objectives of increasing children school enrollments, Increasing access to health facilities, Improving ante and postnatal care, Improving child immunization and addressing environmental hazard to improve human asset

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