National Cash Transfer Office under the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Federal Republic of Nigeria is the intervention arm of the National Social Safety Nets Project (NASSP) which facilitate cash transfers and capacity building of beneficiaries.

Poor and Vulnerable

The programme is focused on responding to deficiencies in capacity and lack of investment in human capital, especially amongst our poorest citizens. Beneficiaries of the programme are mined from the National Social Register (NSR), comprising State Social Registers (SR) of poor and vulnerable households. 


NCTO carries out a number of activities in the communities, including cash transfers, sensitization, capacity building and grievance redress.

Cash Transfers

From Conditional Cash Transfers to Top-up cash transfers and livelihood, NCTO offers various cash transfer windows to poor and vulnerable households.
Social Support
NCTO through the Household Uplifting Programme provides support for poor and vulnerable citizens through targeted cash transfers, capacity building, and coaching and mentoring and livelihood support.

Household Uplifting Programme

The Household Uplifting Programme (HUP) otherwise known as the Conditional Cash Transfer aims at responding to deficiencies in capacity and lack of investment in human capital of poor and vulnerable households.

Livelihood Support

The livelihood supports graduation of beneficiaries out of poverty, thereby making them financially independent. It is aimed at complementing the cash transfer to help targeted households to build a mind-set of enterprise development in order to reduce abject poverty …

Building Capacity

Capacity is built at all tiers to enhance empowerment of beneficiaries’ household to be self-reliant. Beneficiaries are trained on Life Skills (LS) and Savings and Group Mobilization (SGM) and Micro Business Plan Development (MBPD) to strengthen their capacity to be self-supporting …

Making an Impact Across the Country

With State Cash Transfer Units (SCTUs) and Local Government Desk Offices (LGDOs) across the implementing states, NCTO is positioned to serve the poor and vulnerable better.


Beta Don Come…!

With consistent activities such as enrollment, trainings and cash payouts, NCTO has reached thousands of households across different states in Nigeria.

Households Enrolled

States in Nigeria

* Source: NCTO Database, July 2021.


Fed Government commences programme to support the poor in Nasarawa

The Federal Government has commenced processes toward building a register of poor and vulnerable persons in Nasarawa State, to serve as a guide for its interventions.

NASSCO Decries High Poverty Indices In Nigeria

The National Coordinator, National Social Safety Nets Coordinating Office, (NASSCO) Mr. Peter Papka has decried the level of poverty ravaging the citizenry…

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